The Post-Trans Iowa Future

Now what? What happens without Trans Iowa happening in 2019? Well, I’ve given some thought to this, and here is what I will put out there for folks….

Of course, there is a contingent that wants Trans Iowa to go on as it was. This is simply impossible. Even if someone pledged to take up the banner and swore to keep everything the way I did it, (Which has kind of happened- See Iowa Wind And Rock“), they couldn’t do it. It is an impossible ask. Not because I am someone super-human or whatever. No, but simply because another soul would be putting their passion, their unique print, on the event. So, as many have pointedly said to me, “Trans Iowa isn’t Trans Iowa without Guitar Ted”.

I had planned on reviving the cross state idea and expanding upon that a bit, but something else came along in the form of a single speed only event which I dubbed the “C.O.G. 100 Iowa Single Speed Championships“. This has proven to be just the ticket to “scratch that itch” I have to do something with a gravel event. This and the annual “Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational” are just enough for me to not be overwhelming but are easy and fun to produce. I may even continue to do the odd “Geezer Ride” here and there as well.

And that is enough for me now. Besides not having the crushing burden of anymore Trans Iowas to produce, I will be attending and riding more gravel events, I hope. So that is my future for now. I will update this page as it is necessary to do so.

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