The Post-Trans Iowa Future

Now what? What happens without Trans Iowa happening in 2019? Well, I’ve given some thought to this, and here is what I will put out there for folks….

Of course, there is a contingent that wants Trans Iowa to go on as it was. This is simply impossible. Even if someone pledged to take up the banner and swore to keep everything the way I did it, they couldn’t do it. It is an impossible ask. Not because I am someone super-human or whatever. No, but simply because another soul would be putting their passion, their unique print, on the event. So, as many have pointedly said to me, “Trans Iowa isn’t Trans Iowa without Guitar Ted”.

Of course, that’s all debatable, but I am not proposing someone take up the mantle of TI, and as a matter of fact, I hope no one does. I won’t get into that here though…..

What is up is that I have a plan to put in place three distinct routes across the state of Iowa. I have one already, dubbed the “Trans Iowa Master’s Route”. It traverses the Northern tiers of counties in Iowa. Many have used it as a ride for training, or as a fund raising route.  The point is, ordinary people can test themselves against the route at their own pace.

What myself and a few other of my former TI volunteers want to do is to add a Middle and Southern route to compliment the Northern one. These will be published on a site and users will be able to down load GPS tracks and cue sheets for them. These routes will be open for whatever uses people want. No “race” per se’, but just a way to actually “Trans Iowa” in the future to your heart’s content. Race it? Sure! Tour it? yes, absolutely. Do just parts of it? yes! Whatever you want. These are just routes that will be “out there” that can be used for whatever you want.

We will make these logistically viable- towns to resupply, camp grounds along the way, etc. We will verify the roads to start out with, but users will have to give us feedback to keep things current as we move forward in time.

I’m excited to get out there and find some cool stuff to ride by in Iowa. Stay tuned….


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