The Results

Here are the Official Results from past Trans Iowa races

Note: Not every event has timed results and no two courses were alike.  T.I.V1 and T.I.V2 were the only cross state, point to point courses. The others have all been loops. (T.I.V4, T.I.V6, and T.I.v11 were truncated due to poor weather and road conditions)


Single Speed

    • 1. Todd Scott
    • 2. Patrick Humenny
    • 3. Joe Partridge

Overall Results
1. Ira Ryan
2. Brian Hannon
3. Alex Dolpp
4. Todd Scott
5. Patrick Humenny
6. Brett Davis
7. Jim Cochran*
7 Steve Goetzelman*
8. Joe Partridge


Trans-Iowa VIII Results

  • Overall Listing With Time And Class
  • 1. Ira Ryan, 25:00hrs, Mens Open
  • 2. Marcin Nowak, 25 hrs 10 min, Mens Open
  • 3. Aaron Millberger, 26 hrs, Mens Open
  • 4. Joe Kucharski, 26 hrs 4 min, SS/Fixed
  • 5. Joeseph Meiser, 27 hrs 7min, Mens Open
  • 6. Chris Plesko, 27hrs 12 min, SS/Fixed
  • 7. Brian Dukek, 28 hrs 13 min, SS/Fixed
  • 8. Paul Black, 29 hrs 38 min, Mens Open
  • 9. Tim Ek, 29 hrs 59 min, Mens Open
  • 10. Corey Heintz, 30 hrs, SS/Fixed
  • 11. Joe Frost Jr, 30 hrs 1 min, Mens Open
  • 12. Ward Budweg, 30 hrs 20 min, Mens Open
  • 13. Ken Stuckart, 30 hrs 25 min, Mens Open
  • 14. Cale Wenthur, 31 hrs 50 min, SS/Fixed
  • 15. Ken Yokanovich, 32 hrs 13 min, SS/Fixed*
  • 16. Tie: B.J. Bass
  • Skip Cronin
  • Matt Braun, 32 hrs 15 min, SS/Fixed
  • 17. Tie: Michael Meister
  • Steve McGuire, 32 hrs 48 min, Mens Open
  • Michael Beck, Single Speed/Fixed
  • 18. Tie: Butch Johnson
  • Matt Wills, 32 hrs 57 min, SS/Fixed
  • 19. Mike Denehy, 33 hrs 45 min, Mens Open
  • * Ken Yokanovich is the first Trans Iowa fixed gear finisher ever.
  • 2007 Pictures

Trans Iowa V4 Results

1st: John Gorilla: Mens Open

2nd Joe Kucharski: SS/Fixed

3rd Charlie Farrow: Men’s Open (all same time)

4th Charles Parsons: Men’s Open @ 1hr 15min

5th Corey Godfrey: Men’s Open @ 3hrs 15min

Trans Iowa V5 Results

1st- Joe Meiser 24r, 52min

2nd- (tie) Dave Pramann/Tim Ek 24hr, 52min

3rd- (tie) Jason Novak/Travis Braun (1st SS/Fixed) 27hr, 10min

4th- Matt Braun (2nd SS/Fixed) 27hr, 13min

5th- B.J. Bass (3rd SS/Fixed) 28hr, 53min

6th- Charlie Farrow 31hr, 18min

7th- Andy Stockman (4th SS/Fixed) 31hr, 18min

8th- Matt Gersib 31hr, 30min

9th- (tie) Ben Shockey(5th SS/Fixed*)/Matt Wills (5th SS/Fixed)

10th- (tie) Jeremy Fry/George Vargas 31hr, 58min

11th- Paul Jacobson 32 hr

*Note: Ben Shockey is the second fixie rider to ever finish a Trans Iowa event.

The 1st B Road that decimated the field in T.I.V6

Trans Iowa V6 Finishers

Joe Meiser
John Gorilla
Corey “Cornbread” Godfrey
Matt Braun
Eric Brunt
Jay & Tracey Petervary (Tandem)*
Charles Parsons

*First tandem team to ever ride a Trans Iowa

T.I.V6 was truncated due to inclement weather that threatened the safety of the riders and volunteers.

   Results For Trans Iowa V7:

Open Men: 1st: Dennis Grelk @ 28hrs, 40mn,

2nd Tim Ek, 3rd Troy Krause (same time) @ 29hrs, 44mn,

4th Charlie Farrow @ 29hrs, 56mn,

5th John Gorrilla @ 30hrs, 13mn,

6th Sean Mailen @ 30hrs, 24mn,

7th John Williams 8th Eric Brunt, 9th Adam Boone (same time) @ 32hrs, 13mn,

10th Mike Johnson @ 32hrs, 45mn,

11th Jonathan Weissman @ 33hrs, 11min,

12th Charles Parsons, 13th Jeremy Fry, 14th Joe Mann (same time) @ 33hrs, 25mn, 15th Scott Bigelow @ 33hrs, 44mn.

13th Scott Bigelow 33hr, 44mn.

Open Women: Janna Vavra @ 33hrs, 44mn

Open Singlespeed/Fixed: 1st Aaron Gammell, 2nd Ben Shockey (same time) @ 33hrs 11mn

Trans Iowa V8

Grinnell, IA


Official Results:

  1. Eric Brunt @ 7:15am
  2. Troy Krause @ 7:25am
  3. Chris Schotz @ 8:40am
  4. Mark Johnson @ 9:20am
  5. Dennis Grelk @ 10:40am
  6. Charles Showalter @ 11:14am
  7. Charles Parsons @ 11:25am
  8. Mike Johnson @ 11:32am
  9. Matt Maxwell @ 11:40am
  10. Robert Fry @ 12:09pm
  11. Corey “Cornbread” Godfrey @ 12:20pm
  12. (Same Time) Jay Barre, Jeremy Kershaw @ 1:09pm
  13. (Same Time) Joe Partridge,  Dan Jansen@ 1:12pm
  14. Aaron Schnee, Bruce Currin, Scott Bigelow @ 1:19pm
  15. Adam Boone @ 1:21pm



Results For Trans Iowa V9


  1. Rich Wince- Open Mens @ 5:11am
  2. Mark Johnson SS/Fixed @ 6:32am
  3. Paul LaCva Open Mens @ 6:40am Monika Sattler Open Women @  Same Time
  4. Matt Maxwell SS/Fixed @ 7:55am
  5. David Swanson Open Mens @ 8:04am
  6. Janna Vavre Open Women (2nd)  @ 8:10am Scott Bigelow Opem Mens @ Same Time Paul Chapman Open Mens @ Same Time
  7. Charles Parsons Open Mens @ 8:29am
  8. Jay Barre SS/Fixed @8:39am Paul Errington Open Mens @ Same Time
  9. Steve Fuller Open Mens @ 8:49am Tim Ek Open Mens @ Same Time
  10. Paul Carpenter Open Mens @ 8:51am
  11. Ben Oney Open Mens @ 8:57am Chris Wells  Open Mens @ Same Time Mike Johnson Open Mens @ Same Time
  12. Matt Scotton Open Mens @ 10:04 am
  13. Craig Irving Open Mens @ 10:39am
  14. Dan Buettner Open Mens @ 11:18am
  15. Josh Lederman Open Mens @ 11:30am
  16. Andrea Cohen Open Women (3rd) @ 11:39am
  17. Kevin Doggett Open Mens @ 11:55am
  18. Jeff Burnett Open Mens @ 12:08pm Brad Patty Open Mens @ Same Time Derek Weider Open Mens @ Same Time
  19. Allen Brunner Open Mens @ 12:24pm
  20. Brian Gillies  @ 12:38pm Christina Mihaescu Open Women SS/Fixed (1st) Same Time
  21. Pete Jaros SS/Fixed @ 12:48pm
  22. Alex Oenes Open Mens (Volunteer exemption category) @ 12:58pm
  23. Brian Terhark Open Mens @ 1:11pm
  24. Matt Jennings SS/Fixed @ 1:22pm Matt Wills SS/Fixed @ Same Time John Welsh SS/Fixed @ Same Time

Results Of T.I.V10

  1. Overall & Men’s Open Winner: Greg Gleason @ 26hr 22min
  2. Second Overall & Second Men’s Open : Paul LaCava @ 27hr 48min
  3. Third Overall & Third Men’s Open- Chris Schotz @ 27hr 50min
  4. Tie Overall & Fourth Men’s Open Derek Wieder, First Fixed/Single Speed Troy Krause @ 27hr 56min
  5. Fifth Overall & Fifth Men’s Open: Brad Lamson @ 31hr 08min
  6. Tie- Sixth Overall and Sixth Men’s Open: Aaron Hanley and Alex Robert @ 31hr 50min
  7. Seventh Overall and Seventh Open Men’s John Mathias @ 32hr
  8. Eighth Overall and Eighth Men’s Open Josh Brown @ 32hr 19min
  9. Ninth Overall and Ninth Men’s Open: Steve Fuller @ 32hr 20min
  10. Tenth Overall and Tenth Men’s Open Patrick Lackey @ 32hr 21min
  11. Eleventh Overall and Eleventh Men’s Open Mike Johnson @ 32hr 23min
  12. Twelfth Overall and Twelfth Men’s Open Jerry Bilek at 33hr 09min
  13. Tie: Thirteenth Overall- Tie First Women’s Open: Agatha Gryglak, Sarah Cooper Men’s Open: Jake Kruse, Robert Fry- Second Fixed/Single Speed: Jay Barre*

*Note: Jay Barre is only the third person to complete a Trans Iowa on a fixed gear bicycle. Ken Yokanovich did it in TIV3 and Ben Shockey did it in TIV5

Trans Iowa V11:

  • No Official Finishers
  • All riders with the exception of Greg Gleason missed the time cut at CP#1
  • Greg Gleason made it the furthest at 120 miles in 12 hours and 20 minutes. We declared him the “winner”


DIGITAL v12 banner


  1. Greg Gleason, Walter Zitz (OM) 4:01 am 
  2. Luke Wilson (OM) 5.04 am 
  3. Jackson Hinde (OM) Travis Brunner (SS/Fixed) 5:56 am
  4. Maj. Matthew Kutilek USMC (OM) 6:05 am
  5. Sarah Cooper (OW) 6:14 am
  6. Joe Frost Jr. (OM) 6:16 am
  7. Scott Sumpter (OM) 7:07 am
  8. Mark Johnson (SS/Fixed)  7:22 am
  9. Dan Lockery (OM) 7:44 am
  10. Justin Schuetz (OM) 9:31 am
  11. Joe Mann (OM) 9:41 am
  12. Joe Stephems (OM), David Weis (OM), Barry Meitler (OM) 10:09 am
  13. Todd Watchmaker (OM), David Peterson (OM), Jason Kulma (OM), Janna Vavra (OW), Charles Parsons (SS/Fixed), Trenton Raygor (SS/Fixed) 10:15 am
  14. Bryce Rasmussen (OM) 10:51 am 
  15. Bill Graves (OM), Keisuke Inoue (OM), Brian Gillies (OM) 10:53 am
  16. Dan Buettner (OM) 10:54 am
  17. Vin Cox (OM) 10:57 am
  18. Warren Wiebe (SS/Fixed), Balvindar Singh (OM), Scott O’Mara (OM) 11:06 am
  19. Jim Phillips (OM) 11:11 am
  20. Brian McEntire (OM) 11:12 am 
  21. Andrea Cohen (OW), Collin Little (OM), Rigel Menard (OM), Alex Ones (OM), 11:24 am
  22. Allen Brunner (OM) 11:36 am
  23. Matt Jennings (OM), Jim Thompson (OM), Don Buttram (OM), Jamie Wynn (OM) 12:06 pm 
  24. Jeremy Kershaw (SS/Fixed) 12:16 pm 
  25. Corey Godfrey (OM) , Daryl Hilsenbeck (OM) 12:27 pm
  26. John Blum (OM) 12:35 pm
  27. Josh Lederman (OM) 12:43 pm

Official Results

Here are the official results for  Trans Iowa v13.

NOTE: There were no Open Women finishers this year despite our starting the largest class of females ever.

1: Dan Hughes Open Men @ 10:45am 
2: Greg Gleason Open Men @ 11:20 am
3: TIE: Walter Zitz, Matt Acker, Jackson Hinde Open Men @ 12:04pm
4: Mark Johnson Single Speed/Fixed @ 1:50pm

There were 75 starters that registered to ride Friday of the Pre-Race Meat-Up. This is the smallest Trans Iowa field to take the start since T.I.v8 which only registered 100 riders and had 67 take the start. There were 33 Rookies in the field. Six is the second lowest number of finishers, ( there were two years that saw no finishers), since T.I.v4, which was shortened due to road conditions and saw five finishers.




OFFICIAL RESULTS: Over all Winner of Trans Iowa v14 is Luke Wilson who arrived back in Grinnell at Miller Park at 8:50am.  The Single Speed/Fixed winner was Mark Johnson who got back Grinnell at 9:15am. The Women’s Open winner was Janna Vavra who arrived back in Grinnell at 12:50pm. Following are the complete results
  • Luke Wilson Open Men’s @8:50am
  • Mark Johnson Single Speed/Fixed @ 9:15am
  • Mathew Kutilek Open Men’s @ 9:30am
  • Justin McBride Single Speed/Fixed @ 10:30am
  • Dan Lockery and Scott Rider Both Men’s Open @ 10:50am
  • Trent Hovenga and Jim Koziol Both Men’s Open @ 11:15am
  • Ryan Simon Single Speed/Fixed @ 12:00 noon
  • Joe Stephens Men’s Open @ 12:22pm
  • Nick Legan and James Nixon Both Men’s Open @ 12:30pm
  • David Weiss and Derek Brown Both Men’s Open @ 12:42pm
  • Mark Lowe and Tyler Puls Both Men’s Open @ 12:45pm
  • Janna Vavra Women’s Open @ 12:50pm
  • Jason Shearer Men’s Open @ 1:02pm
  • Ben Mullin Men’s Open @ 1:17pm

Out of 95 starting the event we had 19 finishers. Janna Vavra has the distinction of being the first woman to finish a Trans Iowa (T.I.v7) and the last one that ever will. She also won the Black Mountain Cycles’ Grittiest Ride award for the event.


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